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Cheaper to run. Same great infrastructure.

Your managed services are expensive.

Managed services are opaque, offer limited architectural flexibility, and are often overpriced for the actual value added. Between your data warehouse, data integrator, orchestrator, data catalog, and BI Tool, we know companies like yours can spend up to 50% of the allocated budget a year on their data stack.

Take control of your cluster and application cost with Plural.

Plural allows you to deploy into the same battle-tested infrastructure that managed services use without the markup. Choose from 50+ open-source applications in our marketplace, all tailored for the cloud that you choose. Plural performs a lot of optimizations behind the scenes with our built-in autoscaler that schedules workloads efficiently across your infrastructure.

Built-in resource utilization dashboards
Integrated cost management with kubecost
Full control of your node topology and underlying Terraform
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Build your data stack with Airflow on Plural.

Explore 90+ apps in our Marketplace.
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