The future of open-source infrastructure

We are building a flexible, scalable solution to application delivery that gives you the autonomy you need to build and reconfigure the software you use freely.

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Our mission

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Innovation in computing has been rapid, but periodically road-blocked by a sequence of solving three major constraints.

At Plural, we believe that there is a better way to solve the third major constraint—distributed systems operational cost—that benefits OSS developers and DevOps teams alike. A truly scalable, flexible solution to application delivery that gives developers the autonomy to build and reconfigure the software they use freely, while appropriately compensating open-source maintainers for their work.

If you’ve built an application that has some degree of traction, we’ll give you all the tools necessary to build a business around third-party installations of that software—support, observability, multi-cloud installation—enabling you to offer a SaaS-like total cost of ownership to your customers with a very non-SaaS-like application ownership profile.

Our team

We’re a growing team working on interesting problems in the cloud with Kubernetes, Elixir, Go and React.
Sam Weaver
CEO & Co-founder
Michael Guarino
CTO & Co-founder
Aaron Smallberg
CHief of staff
Cris Dobbins, Head of Design
Cris Dobbins
Head of design
David van der Spek
Lead engineer
Brandon Gubitosa
Sr. content marketing manager
Chris Klink, Frontend Engineer
Chris Klink
Frontend Engineer
Marcin Maciaszczyk, Software Engineer
Marcin Maciszczyk
Fullstack engineer
Lukasz Zajaczkowski, Software Engineer
Lukasz Zajaczkowski
Software engineer
Sebastian Florek, Fullstack Engineer
Sebastian Florek
Fullstack engineer
Samantha Bolian
Product manager
Oana Olteanu
Partner at signalfire
Brian Schecter
Partner at Primary ventures