Deploy, secure, and scale open-source applications on your cloud in minutes.

Plural comes with batteries included to elevate fast moving teams from the headache of operating third-party OSS apps.

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Do more with less

We elevate you from the work of building and maintaining your open-source infrastructure and let teams focus on delivering value.
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automatic upgrades
terraform and helm management
git secret encryption
integrated authentication with sso-ready oauth for all aplications
integrated cost management with kubecost
autogenerated pod scaling recommendations
interactive runbooks
prebuilt metric dashboards
public/private Ingress with DNS and cert management
container logs on one easy screen

Deployed for scale out of the box

We elevate you from the grunt-work of building and maintaining your open source infrastructure and let teams focus on delivering value.
Explore the docs
Automatic upgrades
Terraform and helm management
Git secret encryption
Resize statefulset volumes
Create global docker creds
Sync secrets across namespaces
Inject oauth proxies into containers
Target pods to specific nodes
Ingress, DNC certs, and oauth
Container logs on one easy screen

How Plural Works


Select open-source applications from the Plural Marketplace

  • Start or extend your infrastructure in minutes with our guided deployment flow.
  • Choose from best in class applications for Data, DevOps, or Security use cases.

Bring your cloud & add your Git credentials

  • Plural uses your cloud credentials to create your infrastructure in your own cloud. All cloud credentials are stored securely using symmetric encryption.
  • Plural creates versioned infrastructure-as-code which makes it easy to track what’s changing and roll back between versions.
  • IAC is stored in your SCM. Apps are fully ejectable so you can walk away from Plural at any time.
  • Customize the config of apps deployed by Plural for greater control of your deployment.

Build & Deploy

  • Plural provisions and secures infrastructure to best practices in your cloud.
  • Built-in secret management, image scans, and audit trails.
  • Automatically configured user authentication with OpenID connect.

Maintain & Scale with Plural Console

  • Console automatically deploys app updates making maintenance a breeze.
  • Centralized monitoring and logs for each app reduces troubleshooting time and accelerates product cycles.
  • Run scaling jobs through low-code runbooks in our console so you can scale as usage grows.

Secure & Compliant from Day 0

Retain full control over your deployments in your cloud.
GDPR compliant
No need to share your cloud account keys with us
We cannot read code or network traffic
Full control to modify or delete your repositories
All application-specific credentials are git-encrypted and stored entirely in your SCM

Getting started with Plural stacks

These curated stacks of open-source software will ensure your infrastructure is built with a strong foundation.


3 Apps

A curated stack of apps to help you integrate, orchestrate, and analyze your data.


4 Apps

Everything you need to lay the foundation of your open-source infrastructure.


3 Apps

Make sure your infrastructure is secure from the ground up—right from day one.


3 Apps

Horizontally scalable observability stack including metrics, logs, and alerting.
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Loved by Data and DevOps Engineers

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We no longer needed a dedicated DevOps team; instead, we actively participated in the industrialization and deployment of our applications through Plural. Additionally, it allowed us to quickly gain proficiency in Terraform and Helm.
Walid El Bouchikhi
Data Engineer at Beamy
This is awesome. You saved me hours of further DevOps work for our v1 release. Just to say, I really love Plural.
Ismael Goulani
CTO and Co-founder of MODEO
I have neither the patience nor the talent for DevOps/SysAdmin work, and yet I've deployed four enterprise-caliber open-source apps on Kubernetes...since 9am today. Bonkers
Sawyer Waugh
Head of Engineering @ Justifi
Wow! First of all I want to say thank you for creating Plural! It solves a lot of problems coming from a non-DevOps background. You guys are amazing!
Joey Taleño
We have been using Plural for complex Kubernetes deployments of Kubeflow and are excited with the possibilities it provides in making our workflows simpler and more efficient.
Jürgen Stary
Engineering Manager @ Alexander Thamm
Plural has been awesome, it’s super fast and intuitive to get going and there is zero-to-no overhead of the app management.
Richard Freling
CTO and Co-Founder at Commandbar

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